Cimatron Mold Design

Cimatron Mold Design

Dedicated to mold making with advanced tools for designing moulds faster. Conformal Cooling Design capabilities reduce injection cycle time, increase cooling efficiency and avoid warping problems.

Technology CADCAM, Tool Design
Manufacturer Cambrio
Licence types Dongle, Network
Attributes Mould tool design
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Product description

Cimatron Mold Design | Advanced CADCAM software for Tool Designers

The perfect tool for mold makers; a complete Mold Design application based on hybrid 2D/3D technology.

Mold Design automates the design of mold base and its component (ie. Lifters, Sliders, Inserts etc.), and offers an innovative parametric and fully associative accelerated approach to the mold housing design process.

The Mold Design application also includes:

  • Catalogs
  • Concurrency feature (allowing two or more users to work on the same assembly simultaneously)
  • Parting Analysis option that enhances the productivity
  • QuickSplit

Cimatron Mold Design



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