Dimafix 3D Printer Glue Pen

Dimafix 3D Printer Glue Pen

Dimafix 3D Printer glue pen – 3D Printbed Adhesive – PEN

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Product description

Dimafix 3D Printer glue pen:

Dimafix makes 3D printing easier by providing great grip between plastic and glass with an adhesion property, which activates when the heated bed temperature is higher than 50ºC. The pen, however, works on different a temperature range than Dimafix spray, so it begins self-detaching the print even sooner!

The Dimafix Pen (90ml) is a new product based on the Dimafix formula; it is water soluble so it is easy to clean, it does not contain any gas and is environmentally friendly.

(After use, please make sure the Dimafix Pen lid is secured tightly)