ExactFlat for SolidWorks

ExactFlat for SolidWorks

ExactFlat for Solidworks: 3D-2D flat pattern making.

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Product description

ExactFlat for Solidworks: 3D-2D flat pattern making

ExactFlat Standard package features

  • Design in SOLIDWORKS 3D or import other 3D CAD packages.
  • Use ExactFlat Piece Creator to quickly convert faceted surface geometry to pattern pieces.
  • Accurately flatten any surface including complex double curved 3D surfaces into perfectly accurate production ready 2D flat patterns.
  • Add sewing features easily including seam allowances, alignment, notches, darts, markings.
  • Automatically apply edge labels to simplify manufacturing.
  • Easily create drawings incorporating tables, balloons, and callouts.
  • Export in standard DXF formats to create output for cutters or 2D fabric CAD packages.
  • Create a marker in an instant and arrange your pieces on the marker with a variety of controls

ExactFlat for SolidWorks

ExactFlat Professional full package

ExactFlat Professional full package includes automated nesting and production management.

ExactFlat Professional extends the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS,  providing all of the capabilities found in ExactFlat Standard plus powerful automated nesting and production management tools. It is the fastest, easiest way to improve the productivity and profit of your nesting operations. Features include:

  • Automated pattern nesting with powerful nesting algorithms from Fraunhofer

  • Group jobs fast: Combine many parts on a single marker for greater nest yield and material optimization

  • Create estimates fast: Create costs in seconds with the push of a button.

  • Sort parts fast: Increase the speed and efficiency of sorting with colour coded groups.

  • Create automatic nests fast: Pull parts from a database, save time with templates and defaults, and update nests faster..

By consolidating design, flattening, pattern engineeringnesting, costing, and documentation onto a single platform, ExactFlat enables manufacturers to dramatically improve productivity and increase profit on every part.

ExactFlat 3D to 2D

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