Multi-PHS Powder Handling Station

Multi-PHS Powder Handling Station

Sinterit Mulit-PHS Powder Handling Station for multi materials and multi machine types.

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Product description

Multi-PHS Powder Handling Station

New quality of powder handling supporting device designed to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible:-

  • All processes in one place (inc. powder management, sieving, recycling)
  • Clever workspace – an ergonomic and user friendly solution
  • Tools close to you – everything you need is always at hand
  • Easy depowdering and powder management
  • Designed to be compatible with multi-materials, multi-printers and a multi-function approach
  • 4 x sieving programs for different types of materials (PA12, PA11, special materials and Flexa TPU)
  • 10 mins to depowder new printout
  • 30 mins to switch between different types of materials
  • Works with different types of SLS printers (both compact and industrial) because of new grid in depowdering chamber.
  • Enclosed cover to manage powder safely

Multi-PHS Set with Lisa X, ATEX Vacuum and Sandblaster

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