Titan EXT 1070

Titan EXT 1070

EXT 1070 pellet + filament + CNC for manufacturing of large 3D printed parts, patterns and tools.

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Product description

Titan EXT 1070 Pellet 3D Printer

The base unit includes a single pellet extruder but can be equipped with up to three toolheads including a second pellet extruder, a filament extruder and a 3-axis CNC spindle. The EXT 1070 is ideal for medium-to-large part production, with applications from tooling and patterns to end-use parts.

Production Ready

The EXT 1070 Titan Pellet is a proven production additive manufacturing system for applications including patterns, molds, tooling, jigs, fixtures, end-use parts, and full-scale prototypes. Industries taking advantage of Titan technology include foundry, automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer products, and more.

Built with a welded steel frame and an industrial actively heated enclosure, the EXT 1070 is ready to produce functional, high-performance parts on the factory floor. The modular toolhead system enables customers to add a second pellet extruder, filament printing capability and/or CNC milling functionality either with initial machine purchase or after.

Pellet Extrusion

3D print with a wide range of pellet materials, from commodity feedstocks to high-temperature, high-performance materials including CF-PEI, GF-PEKK, and GF-PC. Direct pellet-fed 3D printing on the EXT 1070 also enables the use of highly flexible elastomers and high-percentage glass and carbon-filled materials. Pellet 3D printing reduces material cost by up to 10X with up to 10X higher deposition rates when compared to filament printing.

Hybrid Manufacturing

The EXT 1070 Titan Pellet incorporates our proven pellet extrusion system and may be equipped with additional toolheads on the same gantry. Adding a filament extruder or second pellet extruder enables high-speed multi-material printing. The CNC spindle toolhead allows true hybrid manufacturing, machining 3D printed parts both during and after the printing process. Taking production additive manufacturing to the next level, the EXT 1070 shortens cycle times and produces smooth, accurate end-use 3D printed parts.

Specification for EXT 1070

Build Volume XYZ 1070 x 1070 x 1219mm


Pellet Nozzle Diameters 0.6 – 9.0 mm
Pellet Layer Heights 0.4 – 6.0 mm
Pellet Extruder Throughput 0.45 – 13.6kg per hour
Filament Nozzle Diameters 0.4 – 1.2 mm
Filament Layer Heights 0.15 – 1.0 mm
Filament Throughput <.45kg per hour


EXT 1070 Titan Pellet
One Toolhead (Standard) Pellet Extruder
Two Toolheads Dual Pellet Extruders, Pellet + Filament Extruder, Pellet Extruder + Spindle
Three Toolheads Pellet Extruder + Filament Extruder + Spindle, Dual Pellet Extruders + Spindle
EXT 1070 Titan Pellet LT
One Toolhead (Standard) Pellet Extruder
Two Toolheads Pellet Extruder + Filament Extruder
Three Toolheads Pellet Extruder + Dual Filament Extruders


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