Simplify3D release v5.0

Simplify v.5

Release Simplify3D v5

Simplify3D Version 5.0

Simplify3D releases version 5.0 of the build preparation software. They upgrade the software with more than 120 new features and improvements which incorporate a next-generation slicing engine, an efficient user interface, and a new way to customise your supports.

“Our Biggest Release Ever!” – Simplify3D

Powerful Slicing Intelligence

The new version of Simplify3D helps the user to create in a more efficiently update bringing a next-generation slicing engine that will analyse print layer by layer and then make the print; stronger, and quicker, and as consequences decrease your costs of running your 3D printer. The feature Adaptive Layer Height uses 3D model topology to automatically find the right balance between the speed and the quality of the print process. Simplify3D version 5.0 propose to the user a new way to reduce surface defects, Automated Seam Hiding automates the adjustment of the starting point for each layer.

Targeted build Customisation

After years and years of research and development, Simplify3D released version 5.0 a new algorithm to improve the works. The targeting capabilities will give you the possibility to isolate specific scenarios or designs through the print process and apply the right customisation to make a better job with your project. Targeted build Customisation allows users to benefits from customising; interior hole tolerances separately from external outlines, printing small perimeters at reduced speeds for improved quality, reinforcing weak features with stronger infill parameters, or adjusting high flow rate regions.

Accelerate Workflow

Simplify3D Version 5.0 integrate the support the Industry 4.0 and answers your company’s need and the interconnectivity between your different devices. You can now monitor and control the 3D printer from your laptop via Wi-Fi or if you use an Ethernet connectivity. The software offers seamless integration with popular brands that support network connectivity such as Omni Factory 2.0 NET.

Customisation interfaceThey also improve the UI design of the software and make the interface friendly and easier to use. The Version offers the user everything he/she needs to be efficient and improve productivity. Customisable keyboard shortcuts, right-click to find all your favourite control, and brand new utility toolbars. Other notable changes include new model transform tools, visual process zone verification, additional configuration wizards, and an alternate dark mode theme for easy night time viewing.


Video – Top New Features

Simplify3D v5 has finally arrived! Version 5.0 is packed with more than 120 new features and improvements including a next-generation slicing engine, integrated print optimizations, and a feature-packed user interface.

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