About us: Concurrent Design Group


Since 1993 the Concurrent Design Group has been at the cutting edge of 3D engineering design technology. From 2003 onwards, the company focused on supplying the latest 3D printing, 3D scanning & 3D software technologies. In essence, we are the longest serving independent UK company in the 3D technology market. Our in-depth knowledge means that our customers are not just buying a product or service from us, but first class expertise that makes a real difference. Our aim is to help our customers maximise their success by investing in and using this new technology and achieving high performance, high productivity and high quality.

In particular, CDG specialise in supplying high performance Products & Services:-

  • 3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Batch Production
  • 3D Scanning - Reverse Engineering, Inspection
  • 3D Software - Polygon, Voxel, B-Rep, Scan-to-CAD, CADCAM, Inspection
  • 3D Engineering - Bespoke Design & Manufacture
  • 3D Training - Printing, Scanning, CAD, CAM
  • 3D Support - Service Contracts, Repairs, Spares, Consumables

3D Printers

  • 3D Systems ProJet professional 3D Printers for a variety of applications
  • 3D Systems ProX additive manufacturing solutions for Direct Metal, SLS & SLA
  • Omni3D large format plastic production printers
  • Intamsys high temperature plastic filament printers
  • Fusion engineering desktop printers
  • Sinterit laser sintering desktop printers
  • Zmorph multi-tool-printer plus milling and laser cutting machines


  • FFF filament (aka FDM) 
  • CJP colour
  • MJP multijet
  • DLP light projection
  • SLA stereoligthography
  • SLS laser sintering
  • DMP metals

3D Scanners

  • Geomagic Capture scanners
  • EinScan handheld scanners
  • Aicon photogrammetry

3D Software

  • Geomagic DX for scan-to-cad
  • Geomagic CX for inspection
  • Geomagic Freeform for digital clay modelling
  • Cimatron for Mold, Die, Electrode Design
  • Cimatron for NC milling


Industry focused solutions for:-

  • Automotive, Aerospace & Defence
  • Product Design & Engineering
  • Tool Designers & Toolmakers
  • Manufacturing
  • Art, Sculpture
  • Jewellery
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Universities & Education
  • Medical, Dental, Dermatology
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction

We employ a team of highly skilled engineers to support you with your projects or with the adoption of the technology into your company. We have an open door policy, so you are welcome to visit or contact us at any time.

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