Lisa X new SLS 3D Printer

Lisa X SLS 3D printer

The new Sinterit Lisa X offers fast 3D printing at up to 14mm/hr with a 30W galvo laser. Max part dimension is now 330mm.

  • Exceptionally fast printing: Build speed of 10-14 mm/h and a full bed of the most complicated shapes printed in 34 hours.
  • Bigger Build Volume: With a bed measuring 180 x 130 x 330 mm, the Lisa X is the largest compact SLS printer in our arsenal.
  • A wide range of materials: Nine materials, from ultra-durable, flexible materials to more specialized ones like ESD powder.
  • Top print quality: Top-notch detail achieved thanks to Sinterit’s experience-gained know-how in the SLS industry.
  • Open environment: Over 50 open printing parameters to manage and the ability to use external materials.


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