Transcan C 12mp high-resolution colour 3D Scanner

Transcan C 3D scanner

The new Transcan C from Shining3D is a new a structured-light scanner with a white LED light source. The professional-grade system uses 12 MP cameras to produce detailed and textured 3D models and it can shift between three levels of resolution in one project to improve efficiency while retaining detail.

The Transcan C can capture multiple scan ranges. Its slide-rail design enables the user to switch the scanning range between 150 x 96 mm (inner position) and 300 x 190 mm (outer position) to capture objects of varying sizes. The scanner has an accuracy of 35 microns at its inner position and 50 microns at its outer position. Other features of the scanner include a 24-bit colour map and automatic soft light shooting.

“As our goal is to make 3D digital applications accessible for everybody, we are developing solutions answering to our customer’s needs,” says Sunny Wong, Shining 3D’s Overseas Managing Director. “The latest additions to the product portfolio empower fast, efficient, high-performing and accessible 3D printing as well as high resolution 3D scanning. We are proud to continuously add innovations to our product portfolio, facilitating and upgrading the 3D digital workflow for more and more users around the world.”

Transcan C 3D scanner inner outer cameras


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