Demi X 520 Resin Removal Station

Demi X 520 Resin Removal Station

Demi X 520 for fully automated resin removal.

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Product description

PostProcess® continues to advance additive manufacturing support removal with the new DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal™.

As the industry’s only full-stack solution, it extends the PostProcess Submersed Vortex Cavitation™ portfolio by introducing our new Axial Flow Technology™ combined with our game-changing chemistry and customized AUTOMAT3D® software.

Customized Software Controls

Resin removal software and features guide users through processing requirements, including time, temperature, and agitation for their particular application. These tailored experiences create a seamless, efficient, and error-free operation.

Hardware Innovation and Fixtures Ensure Optimal Resin Removal & Safety

The DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal offers new hardware features to deliver unparalleled consistency.

  • Automated parts lift protects parts from over-exposure to chemistry and contributes to operator safety.
  • Specific resin removal fixtures ensure optimal part processing regardless of processing parts directly on the build platform or batch processing off-platform.
  • Axial Flow Technology ensures uniform chemistry exposure to finish parts.

Additive-Formulated Chemistry for Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Free Processing

The DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal Solution features a combination of PLM-403-SUB detergent used in the hardware, followed by a rinse step in a sample of AUX-400-RINSE with provided sample container.

  • Enhances safety for employees thanks to higher flashpoints vs IPA (53°F / 11°C):
    • PLM-403-SUB Flashpoint: 220°F / 104.4°C
    • AUX-400-RINSE Flashpoint: 102°F / 38.8°C
  • Biocompatible PLM-403-SUB detergent ensures effective resin removal, with most cycles completed in >10 minutes.
  • AUX-400-RINSE as a final rinse step eliminates the need to use IPA in your resin removal workflow.

Demi X 520 Specification

Envelope: 36 cm x 36 cm x 38 cm
Tank Capacity: 91 L
Machine footprint: 82 x 64 x 170cm
Weight empty: 147kg
Weight full: 238kg
Connector: NEMA 5-15P
Technology: Axial agitation; includes heater
Power: 230V, 50Hz
Connector: CEE 7 / 7