eviXmatic for automated 4-axis inspection

eviXmatic for automated 4-axis inspection

Evixmatic 4-Axis Inspection “hands free” fully automated scanning solution.

Technology Structured-light
Resolution 5.0 megapixels
Field of view 250 x 170mm
Point Spacing 116 pt/mm2
Accuracy from 18 microns
Handling Floor mounted frame
Software EvixScan
Attributes Automated scanning for inspection
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Product description


Advantages of eviXmatic 4-Axis Inspection system:-

  • Autocalibration
  • Automatic scanning procedure
  • Ability to define measurement sequences
  • Scanning of objects without fixing them to the rotary table
  • Possible simultaneous scanning of several small objects in a single scanning run

Just add:

  • OPTIMA or QUADRO HD 3D scanner
  • GEOMAGIC Wrap, Design X or Control X software

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