Figure 4 Jewel Master GRY 1Kg

Figure 4 Jewel Master GRY 1Kg

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Product description

Figure-4 Jewel Master GRY

Figure-4 JEWEL MASTER GRY is a versatile master pattern material for high volume jewellery RTV/silicone molds and for prototype/fit models. The material’s high heat deflection temperature (300°C) ensures compatibility with a range of silicones for creating molds used in jewellery casting production workflows.

This material also delivers exceptional precise surface quality for design and functional prototyping, as well as snap-fit and stone-in-place testing. Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY meets biocompatibility standard ISO 10933-5 for cytotoxicity, making it safe for try-ons and fittings.


  • High definition master patterns for making silicone or RTV molds especially for high volume, mass production of jewellery designs
  • Jewellery design and functional prototyping
  • Snap-fit and stone-in-place testing
  • Client fit/try-on models


  • Compatible with a range of silicones
  • No silicone inhibition
  • High visualization
  • Safe for extended try-on testing and user fittings
  • Jewellery-specific build styles
  • MicroPointTM support tips minimizing support-to-part interaction and support scarring


  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Exceptional surface finish and fine details definition
  • Fast speed:
    • Prototyping speed – 45 mm/hr @ 50µm Z resolution
    • Master pattern speed – 15 mm/hr @ 30µm Z resolution
  • High contrast grey colour
  • Passes biocompatibility standard ISO 10933-5 for cytotoxicity

Key Mechanical Properties

  • Elongation at break: 2.5%
  • Tensile modulus: 3500 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 67 MPa
  • Heat deflection temperature: >300 °C @ 0.455 MPa/66PSI