Figure 4 Modular MCO Kit

Figure 4 Modular MCO Kit

A Cartridge Coupler – This coupler connects to the material-cartridge valve at the bottom of the cartridge chute. It stops/starts material flow into the first set of tubing.
B Pump-Delivery Tube – Delivers material from the cartridge to the material pump.
C Material Pump Head – Interfaces with the material-pump motor to drive material through the tubing system.
D Resin-Tray Delivery Tube – Delivers material from the material pump to the resin tray in the upper build chamber
E Tube Cap – Use this cap to close off the resin-tray Delivery Tube.

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Product description

Figure-4 Modular MCO Kit

Once you have pumped material through an MDM, you must continue to use that material type in the MDM. This is because the hose that routes material through to the resin tray will always have residual material inside.

If you attempt to use a different material in that MDM, the material type in the tubes will mix with the material type in the cartridge, rendering the new material an ineffective mixture.

It is possible to change the material used in an MDM by switching out all components with residual material inside.