Figure 4 RIGID WHITE 1Kg

Figure 4 RIGID WHITE 1Kg

Figure 4 Rigid White material is recommended for use in medical, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing applications, for low to mid-volume plastic parts production, as well as plastic components and parts for medical devices requiring biocompatibility.

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Product description

Figure-4 Rigid White resin

Rigid White plastic material offers users:

  • Good long-term environmental stability measured out to 8 years indoor and 2 years outdoor
  • Long-lasting, clean white opaque colour
  • Excellent surface finish, accuracy, and repeatability
  • Thermoplastic behaviour with necking at break, making it ideal for snap-fit applications
  • 65°C heat deflection temperature
  • 20% elongation at break
  • Print speeds up to 47mm/hour
  • Biocompatible-capable
  • Simple one-step post-curing process for exceptional throughput

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