Geomagic Control X Professional

Geomagic Control X Professional

Geomagic CONTROL X Professional 3D inspection software.

Technology Inspection
Manufacturer 3D Systems | Geomagic
Licence types Online, Dongle, Network
Attributes 2D & 3D inspection reports
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Product description

Geomagic Control X – advanced inspection software

The best inspection software tool just got better…with a new User Interface, innovative new metrology and inspection tools, workflow-driven, pre-planned processes and casual walk-up inspection, and more, Geomagic Control X delivers an unparalleled ease-of-use and comprehension for 3D inspection in any manufacturing workflow. Now accurate measurement and fast analysis of manufactured parts and assemblies is on-hand for anyone looking to significantly build quality in manufactured parts and assemblies.

Have the freedom to measure in any order or style you desire, while the powerful Synchronous Inspection system captures the data hierarchy and automation in the background for repeatable and editable processes. Enjoy the power of Geomagic Control X where you spend more time focusing on getting the results, not time worrying about how to make the software work for you.

Quickly conduct First Article inspections using the CAD-based dimensioning tools and have communication-ready information instantly at your fingertips. Native CAD importers including those which contain model-based GD&T definition are delivered standard at no additional cost.

Geomagic Control X inspection software

Geomagic Control X (CX) features include:-

  • New Flexible Geometry Creation Methods in LiveGeometry
  • New P.C.D. (Bolt Hole Circle) Method to LiveGeometry
  • Define Probing Method for Pre-Planned Inspection
  • Define Local Plane creation for Pre-Planned Inspection
  • Automatic Geometric Tolerance Calculations in DRO during Live Capture
  • Enhanced Progress indicator in DRO during LiveInspect
  • Move Device Enhancement: Remove Outlier Points and Refit
  • Move Device Enhancement: Export Transform Matrix
  • New Probe Data Management to Remove Outlier Points and Recalculate
  • X, Y, and Z components can be toleranced for Reference Geometry and Comparison Points
  • X, Y, and Z components can be viewed for Linear Dimensions, Angular Dimensions, and Position
  • ASCII Geometry Importer can import X, Y, and Z tolerances
  • Simulated CMM Points are now compatible with Point Cloud data
  • Deviation Location can now automatically measure Major Length and Minor Width
  • Control X has a new Inspection Viewer mode when unlicensed
  • Annotations Presets can be applied to each inspection object
  • 3D Sprint Files are supported for Import
  • Automation Server supports trigger options for multi-scan automation
  • Transform Measured Data has a new Datum Match option
  • Coordinate Alignment provides discrete control of geometry priority
  • Coordinate Alignment allows target position by definition
  • Coordinate Alignment now clearly provides Degrees of Freedom information
  • 2D Section tools have been enhanced for performance
  • Probe Two Intersecting Vectors
  • Improved Mesh Topology During Scanning
  • Improved 2D Construction Geometry from Cross-Section
  • Redefine Construction Geometry as Reference or Measured
  • Added Clipping Plane in LiveCapture
  • Pair Probe Points with CAD in Pairing Manager
  • Improved Pairing Map and Pairing Manager
  • Enhanced ASCII Importing Workflow
  • Scan Grouping in Model Manager
  • Added Single Point Circle Option
  • Acquire Probe Data from One Project to Another
  • Probe Compatibility with Data from Other Software
  • Align Probe Data with Transform Measured Data
  • Free Probe in LiveScan
  • Added Save Current Profile to Manage User Profiles

Comparison of 3x CX Packages

Geomagic Control X packages


Inspection Viewer

The Inspection Viewer allows any contributor to analyse a project and create custom reports. The ability for any contributor to analyse and share reports across an organization ensures effective communication.

  • Stakeholders throughout the inspection cycle now have access to inspection data giving them the ability to create their own custom reports.
  • Open Projects and view data with full 3D control and viewing customisation.
  • Modify or Create inspection reports with ease to review only the data needed.