Intamsys PC White [1.75mm] 1kg

Intamsys PC White [1.75mm] 1kg

INTAMSYS PC is an advanced PolyCarbonate based filament.

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Product description

Intamsys PC White Filament 1Kg

INTAMSYS PC is an advanced PolyCarbonate based filament designed specifically for FFF 3D printing. In addition to high printing quality, great mechanical strength and heat-resistance, INTAMSYS PC offers excellent impact strength and fracture toughness, making it the ideal choice for engineering applications.

  • High impact strength and durability
  • Very easy to print
  • Great for jigs & fixtures (rigid)
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Can be used up to 110°C
  • Used for product models, brackets, mechanical parts, etc.
Part Filament Support Material Removal Method
ABS HIPS Break away
ABS+ SP3030 Water soluble
AM200 SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
ASA HIPS Break away
PA12 SP3050 Break away
PA12-CF SP3050 Break away
PA6/66 SP3030 Water soluble
PA6-CF SP3030 Water soluble
PC HIPS Break away
PC/ABS-FR HIPS Break away
PC-ABS HIPS Break away
PC-FR HIPS Break away
PC-PBT HIPS Break away
PEEK SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PEEK-CF SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PEEK-GF SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PEI 1010 SP5080 Break away
PEI 9085 SP5040 Break away
PEKK SP5000 Dissolve & Break away
PLA PVA/SP3030 Water soluble
PPS HIPS Break away
PPSU SP5080 Break away
TPU 95A PVA Water soluble