PostProcess PLM-403-SUB Detergent [20 litre container]

PostProcess PLM-403-SUB Detergent [20 litre container]

Cleaning solution for SLA & DLP resin 3D printers.

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Product description

PostProcess 20 litres of PLM-403-SUB Detergent

Recommended for resin removal from SLA, DLP 3D printers. Supplied in plastic container.

PostProcess Technologies’ new 403 chemistry as a part of its comprehensive Automated Resin Removal Solution is a definitive improvement over current mechanical and chemical
technologies used to remove resin in Vat Photopolymerization 3D post-printing. Through a combination of breakthrough chemistry, patented hardware technology, and proprietary software, uncured resin removal can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less for simultaneous trays of printed parts. This newest formulation offers a much higher resin capacity, yielding a
longer useful life compared to other chemical methods. With intuitive software controls and process monitoring, the speed and ease of use of the solution results in increased consistency at levels required for production volumes. Ultimately, the attended operator time is greatly reduced and the 403 chemistry is inherently safer to use and store.

PLM-403 Summary

  • Long detergent life
  • Faster resin removal
  • Automated use with Demi machine
  • Optimised for SLA and DLP resin cleaning