Sinterit Sandblaster SLS

Sinterit Sandblaster SLS

Sinterit Sandblaster SLS is a universal solution for the process of blasting 3D printed parts. It allows you to clean  small gaps, details and polish the surface. In Sandblaster XL you can choose between a handheld blaster and a fixed nozzle, so you can use both hands to manipulate the object.

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Product description

Sinterit Sandblaster SLS

It is spacious inside, but still not very large as a device, so it will fit in almost every workshop. Thanks to the small mesh grill it will let you to post process tiny printouts and thanks to the space inside, to sandblast complicated large volume printouts.

The airflow is regulated with a pedal, so you can use both hands freely to manipulate the sandblasted object. The manometer is at the height of your sight and the inside is evenly illuminated. From the beginning it was designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Made of high grade, powder coated steel brass, perfectly tight. It is equipped with a handheld blaster and 5 ceramic nozzles of different diameters enabling you to use abrasives of different granulation. This bundle lets you clean even the most difficult surface.

Air compressor is not included.


Working area: 410 x 310 x 200 [mm]
Max. pressure: 125 [psi] / 8.62 [bar]
Coupling: DN 7.2
Max. abrasive material capacity: 4.5 kg
Dimensions: 495 x 390 x 410 [mm]
Weight: 11.5 [kg]
Power: 6 [W]
Input voltage: 230 [V] / 50 [Hz]
Abrasive material: glass balls 200 [μm]
Required Air flow: 300 L/min
Required Pressure: 0.5 – 0.86 [MPa] / 72.5 – 125 [psi]