SLS 300 PRS Powder Recycling Station

SLS 300 PRS Powder Recycling Station

SLS 300 powder recycling station.

Product description

SLS 300 PRS – Powder Recycling Station

Introducing the SLS 300 Powder Recycling Station (PRS) which is an optional accessory. This unit works in tandem with the SLS 300 printer to automatically recycle unused powder currently in the system and mix it with fresh material. It enables the ability to use all material to maximize your investment while lowering production costs and reducing demand for human intervention. The PRS includes HEPA filters and was designed with acoustic dampening enabling it to be used comfortably in a variety of environments.

PRS offers a uniquely “clean” process for recycling the SLS powder. The user can vacuum the loose powder from the build volume and the PRS vacuums, sieves and mixes (old with new) and transports the powder back into the SLS 300 printer.