Simcon sign contract with CDG for UK market


Simcon sign contract with CDG for UK market

CDG have signed a partnership agreement in Simcon in Germany to be the UK distributor for the Cadmould plastic injection moulding flow analysis software.

SAVE TIME: The need for fewer adjustment loops effectively shortens and simplifies the development phase for parts and molds. For production, CADMOULD achieves a reduction of up to 30% in cycle times.

REDUCE COSTS: Cadmould enables you to find the best product design at an early stage of development already. This then cuts the cost of modifications to the mold and sampling by up to 50%.

The software in a best-in-class solution for mould design, analysis and simulation including:

  • fill analysis
  • cooling
  • multi part
  • over moulding
  • warping
  • batch processing
  • fibre fills
  • insert calcs
  • and much more



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