5 reasons to visit Plastics Live, 5-6 July

Plastics Live | 5-6 JULY 2022 | CBS ARENA, COVENTRY

5 reasons to visit Plastics Live…

Plastics Live | 5-6 July 2022 | CBS Arena, Coventry

#1: Simcon’s Varimos™ software for injection mould simulation

You are invited to attend SIMCON’s Head of Strategy Bastiaan Oud, PhD presentation:- “Fewer mold corrections while saving energy and material: Bye-bye trial-and-error simulation; Hello automated variant analysis” on Tuesday 5th July at 2pm

Bastiaan Oud PhD, Head of Strategy - SIMCON

Bastiaan Oud, PhD | Head of Strategy, SIMCON

#2: Simcon CADmould™ software for plastic flow analysis

CADMould software is developed by SIMCON as a leading solution for plastic flow analysis.

See a live demonstration of CADMould at Simcon’s Stand A7

SIMCON CADmould™ software

#3: Cimatron® CADCAM software for mold toolmakers

Cimatron have launched v16 as the perfect tool for mold toolmakers. Mold Design automates the design of mold base and it’s component (ie. lifters, sliders, inserts etc.) and offers an innovative parametric and fully associative accelerated approach to 3D design, Tool Design, 2D drawings and CAM.

See a live demonstration of Cimatron CADCAM v16 on Stand D10

Cimatron CADCAM software

#4: CDG 3D Printers for polymer printing via 6x technologies

CDG 3D Printers:-

  • SLA stereolithography resin
  • DLP digital light printed resin
  • MJP multijet printed resin
  • VCJ vision controlled jetted resin
  • SLS selective laser sintered nylon
  • FFF filament based printing

Meet the 3D printing experts at the CDG 3D Printer Stand D9

CDG 3D Printers


#5: CDG 3D Scanners for reverse engineering & inspection

The new FreeScan UE Pro 3D laser scanner has been developed to cater to the needs of industry professionals.

See a live demonstration at the CDG 3D Scanners Stand D11

FreeScan UE Pro 3D Laser scanner

FreeScan UE Pro 3D laser scanner

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