Inkbit Vista for mass production AM

Inkbit Vista 3D printer

Inkbit Vista

Powered by Vision Controlled Jetting (VCJ) the Inkbit VISTA is an additive manufacturing platform designed for mass production of end-use polymer parts.

Inkbit’s novel technology enables:

  • Print dimensionally accurate and precise parts at high volume
  • High-performance polymers with robust thermal and mechanical properties
  • Multi-material capability
  • Low-cost, low-labor, easy to remove wax support material
  • This combination of high throughput, low labor post-processing, and production grade materials makes Inkbit Vista an excellent choice for true volume production of additively manufactured parts.

High-Volume Production

Inkbit architecture and integrated VCJ technology allow scaling to high production volumes.

Dimensional Accuracy

Closed-loop feedback control ensures that parts are consistently accurate to the original CAD design.

Functional Materials

Inkbit’s engineered resins provide robust mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties that remain stable through extended service lives.

Low-Labor Post-Processing

Automatable post-process and safe, recyclable support material enable production applications by lowering cost per part.

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