Introducing the Funmat Pro 310 IDEX 3D Printer

Discover the Funmat Pro 310 from Intamsys

Intamsys have launched the Funmat Pro 310 which brings desktop 3d printing to the next industrial level.


The FUNMAT PRO 310 responds to the growing demands of professional engineers with a thermostatic chamber and full-size printing capability on a desktop machine. The thermostatic chamber can reach up to 100 °C to print engineering plastics with a build volume of 305 x 260 x 260 mm. Plug & play and easy-to-remove modular IDEX design provides multiple printing modes.

With whole-process control, the FUNMAT PRO 310 offers engineering material capabilities such as ASA, ABS, PC, PC-ABS, PA and PA-CF with INTAMSYS user-friendly 3D model-slicing software, INTAMSUITE™.


INTAMSUITE is INTAMSYS’ complimentary, user-friendly, free software for slicing 3D models. While it originates from open-source roots (Cura), our engineering team has improved it to provide optimal slicing capabilities in harmony with our different 3D printers. Focusing on quality, INTAMSYS recognises the vital role of meticulous CAD file preparation prior to printing. The software’s intuitive nature enables individuals with limited 3D printing expertise to attain exceptional industrial and professional print outcomes on our printers.


  • User-friendly software for slicing 3D models
  • Remote printing functionality
  • Rigorously verified material printing parameters/profiles for effortless “Click and Print” functionality.

INTAMSUITE V4.2 is available now here:

Demonstration of the Funmat Pro 310 IDEX 3D Printer

If you would like more information about this new desktop printer please check out the Funmat Pro 310 product page or contact our sales team.


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