Omni Large Format 3D Printer Case Studies

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Omni Large Format 3D Printer Case Studies

Two great case studies showing the capabilities of the Omni Factory 2.0 3D Printer.

Prototyping of car parts for Arrinera Automotive S.A.

Racing car producer – Arrinera Automotive S.A. – was looking for an optimum solution to produce car-part prototypes. The engineering process requires the continuous improvement of elements. Creating prototypes with previous production methods extended the time needed and involved high costs.

The company commissioned the printing of auto parts to OMNI3D Printroom. Parts are printed
on a 3D printer – Factory 2.0 Production System using ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, PET-G, HIPS filaments depending
on the requirements. List of all available filaments is available here.

Here is what our client says about the results:

“OMNI3D services significantly accelerate the work of our R&D team. 3D printed parts meet all of our requirements – both in terms of strength, dimensional accuracy and turnaround time.”

Łukasz Tomkiewicz, Managing Director, Arrinera Automotive S.A.

Thanks to the additive technology, we realized the Arrinera’s target – to shorten the process of obtaining the final part. Detail production on a 3D printer reduces production time and costs. Frequent changes of a model’s shape – the diameter or length – are not as problematic as they used to be. A new model can be printed in just over a dozen hours.

Chair Seat Design

One of our customers were looking for a low cost solution, which would enable to produce a chair seat prototype in the full scale. The most important thing, apart from the size, was the durability and the perfect shape of the model. The customer’s main objective was to specify the ergonomics of the furniture before mass production.

“The 3D printer – Factory 2.0 Production System allows large-format printing. Thanks to OMNI3D solution, we can analyse the ergonomics of models that were printed in a full scale. It’s very important in our sector.”

What we did?

Printroom by OMNI3D printed out couple of chair seat prototypes. Our machine – Factory 2.0 meets two main requirements, which were essential for this project:

  • a working surface of 500 mm in each axis (the chair size is 450 mm x 430 mm x 465 mm),
  • the ability to print with support structures  (two extruders). Generated support structures were necessary to copy the geometry of the 3D model in the proper way. Two materials were used in this project – ABS-42 (main material) and HIPS-20 (supporting material).

List of OMNI3D filaments is available here.

What was the effect?

Thanks to printing the model in its full scale and retaining its durability, designers could test ergonomics of the chair and prepare the best possible design the final furniture. What’s more, using 3D technology to produce a prototype involves low costs.



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