Unit Converter

Please selected the "unit type" you require from the pull-down menu, select the "units in" and "quantity in ",
then select the "units out" and click on calculate for the result - solutions to 5 decimal places.
Unit type Unit In Quantity In Unit Out Quantity Out
Unit type Unit options
Acceleration mm/sec2 cm/sec2 ft/sec2 m/sec2 in/sec2
Angle degree grad minute rad rev sec
Area m2 acre cm2 ft2 in2 km2 mile2 mm2 yard2
Computer bit byte gigabyte kilobit kilobyte megabit megabyte
Flow cm3/m cm3/s ft3/m ft3/h gal/m gal/h gal(UK)/m gal(UK)/h l/s l/m l/h m3/m m3/h
Force newton dyne gram force kg force kN oz-force lb-force
Length meters cm mm km inches feet miles naut mile yards
Mass kg gram mg ounce oz troy pound stones
Power watt BTU/hr BTU/min cal/sec hp kw lbf/min
Pressure Pa atm bar inHg inH20 kg/cm2 kPa mbar mmHg mtorr psi torr
Speed mile/hr C cm/hr cm/min cm/sec ft/hr ft/min ft/sec km/hr km/min km/sec knot mach meter/hr meter/min meter/sec mile/min mile/sec
Temp C F kelvin rankin (for positive temps only!)
Viscosity g/cm-sec centipose centistoke poise reyn stoke
Volume CC ft3 in3 m3 yd3 cup gallon UK gallon litre dl ml oz UK oz pint UK pint quart tblspn tspn
Dry Volume barrel bushel litre peck pint quart

Disclaimer: Whilst the above information and conversion factors have been thoroughly checked, CDG take no responsibility for the accuracy of the calculated figures.

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