3D Printing XL Parts by Omni3D

Torpol Oil & Gas Sp. z o. o. approached Omni3D with a request to produce an extra-large demonstration model – over 1 metre in length – for the EXPO-GAS fair in Kielce.

As part of the project, the Omni3D technologist Bartosz Liberski:

  • clarified the model and adapted it to print in FDM technology,
  • strengthened selected elements to make the model more stable,
  • divided the project to maximise the surface potential of our printers and reduce the number of print parts.

The frame and tank were made in FDM technology from ABS-42 material, and the whole was printed in several parts with HIPS-20 supports. The Omni3D printers Factory 2.0 and Omni 500 LITE were used for the implementation.

The whole model was glued together and mounted on a white board base.

⏱ Print time was over 664 hours.

⚖️ The final weight is about 9.8 kg.

📐 Model size (without base) 1160 x 439 x 531 mm

The company received the “TOP DESIGN” award for the best stand of this year’s edition of the fair, for which we sincerely congratulate!

If you need a help with a similar project you can contact our Replik8 Team at:-

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