Pellet Extrusion for 10X Faster 3D Printing Speeds

Titan Robotics EXT 1070 pellet 3D printer

The next phase of growth for large-format 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is via the new Pellet Extrusion 3D printers. One of the pioneers of this technology is Titan Robotics, who are now part of 3D Systems. Titan have developed a range of machines offering:-

  • Part size up to 1.8 metres
  • Layer thickness from 0.15mm to 6.00mm
  • Max number of pellet extruders is 2
  • Max number of tool heads is 3
  • Technologies: Pellet + Filament + CNC 3 Axis milling

Titan Robotics pellet toolhead

Save Time

The EXT 1000 series pellet extrusion technology prints up to 10X faster than traditional filament extrusion 3D printing with deposition rates as high as 13.6kg per hour.

Save Money

Utilizing pellet feedstocks means the EXT 1000 series can reduce material costs by up to 10X. Lights-out manufacturing and the option for in situ milling help cut labour costs.

Perfect Dimensions

With a 3-axis CNC capability the parts can be smoothed and end faces and holes machined to the perfect size.

Perfect Material Properties

With a choice of over 500 types of plastic in pellet form, enables you to print in the perfect materials for your application.

Titan Robotics pellet feedstock

Print Big!

With a built volume of 1270mm x 1270 mm x 1829mm the EXT 1000 series can print most large parts in one piece, eliminating the need for gluing.

Titan Robotics thermoforming sample part

Duo Form customer case study

Product Information

Titan EXT 1070 – for parts up to 1.2m

Titan EXT 1270 – for parts up to 1.8m

Sample Print

EXT Titan 3D pellet printed chair

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