3D Systems launch SLS 300 Plus 3D printer

SLS 300 Plus 3D printer

3D Systems launch SLS 300 Plus 3D printer via CDG for the UK market

SLS Technology Simplified: Ideal for offices, hospitals, labs or workshops, the SLS 300 offers advanced SLS technology in an office-friendly, plug-and play format. This means that you can print SLS quality functional prototypes, tools and more without the need for specialized staff, investments in infrastructure and complex powder handling.

  • Strong and Flexible
    • SLS 3D-printed parts with mechanical properties as strong as injection molding without the need for complex infrastructure or expertise.
  • Patented Powder System
    • Thanks to our patented packaging, the user does not have to come into contact with any powder when filling the machine.
  • Work Remotely
    • Users can start and monitor print jobs remotely, helping to increase productivity and reduce resource consumption.
  • Easy To Use
    • Simple user interface guides the user through the end-to-end printing process to maximize uptime and productivity.
  • Plug and Play
    • You only need access to a power outlet to start your AM production.

Advanced SLS Prints Produced and Delivered in Hours

With the SLS 300, users can accelerate product development and in-house volume production with increased flexibility, lower risk and reduced manufacturing and development costs. The small format requires three times less space but has a build volume more than 300 % larger than comparable solutions and can complete an entire print job in 24 hours or less.

SLS 300 3D printer set

SLS 300 Weblinks

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SLS300 Video

Wematter Gravity – Easy & efficient SLS 3D printing system – YouTube

SLS 300 Materials

include: PA11, PA12, PAx, PA11-FG, PA11-ESD, PP, TPU

Aurora PA11 Black Aurora PA12 White Aurora PA11 White Aurora Food Safe Aurora PA12 GF

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