New Sinterit SLS Materials


CDG have just added NEW SLS powders for the Sinterit Lisa PRO 3D Printer! Check them out below.

SLS Powder – Nylon PA11 Onyx FRESH (6kg): £695


  • high resistance against impacts
  • moderate elasticity
  • good chemical resistance
  • dedicated only for Sinterit LISA Pro SLS 3D Printer (requires a nitrogen chamber)

SLS Powder – Nylon PA12 Smooth FRESH (6kg): £645


  • good quality to price ratio
  • excellent quality of prints surface and details
  • high chemical resistance

SLS Powder – TPU FLEXA GREY (6kg): £795


  • Flexible prints with increased extensibility
  • Adjustable hardness
  • 100% reusable

This powder is manufactured by Sinterit for their Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer only.

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