FreeScan UE Pro 3D laser scanner with photogrammetry

FreeScan UE Pro 3D laser scanner

FreeScan UE Pro 3D Laser Scanner – with photogrammetry

By carefully listening to the demands and requirements of our user community, Shining3D have developed the new FreeScan UE Pro 3D laser scanner, with several models of operation including photogrammetry; ideal for your quality control and industrial reverse engineering projects.

Now it is time to go Pro!

Simple & Fast to Operate

FreeScan UE Pro demo

Key Features

  • Metrology-Grade Accuracy
    • Accuracy up to 0.02mm, delivers consistent scanning results with high precision.
  • Global Precision Control
    • Integrated photogrammetry function no need to apply coded targets, quickly locks the spatial position of the target frame.
  • Multiple Scanning Modes
    • 13 cross laser lines to scan large objects quickly, 5 parallel laser lines to scan fine details and single laser line for deep hole and pocket area scanning.
  • Fine Detail
    • With higher resolution cameras and 5 parallel laser lines, FreeScan UE Pro enables rich feature object scanning and restores fine details more accurate.

Sample 3D Scan with Photogrammetry

FreeScan UE Pro 3D scan

Sample 3D Scan with fine detail

FreeScan UE Pro fine detail

FreeScan UE Comparison Chart

Model FreeScan UE7 FreeScan UE11 FreeScan UE Pro
Laser lines 7 x 2 = 14+1 11 x 2 = 22+1 13 x 2 = 26+1 plus Fine Scan mode
Photogrammetry No No Yes
Speed pt/s 650,000 1,020,000 1,390,000
Accuracy 20 microns 20 microns 20 microns
Field of View 510 x 520mm 510 x 520mm 600 x 550mm
Weight 670g 670g 840g

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