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Ex-demo & 2nd User 3D Printers are sold subject to availability.
  • Z650

    Z650 3D Printer (2nd-User)

    Product ID: Z650-2U

    Z650 3D Printer offers a large build volume at 381x254x203mm, so both large models and high quantities can be quickly produced. Print quality has been further enhanced and even more user convenience features have been added.

  • Z450 turnkey package

    Z450 (2nd-User)

    Product ID: Z450-TP-2U

    Z450 ZPrinter (2nd-User):

    * Build volume 254 x 203 x 203mm;
    * Material is plaster powder;
    * Layer thickness is 89 microns;
    * No support structures.

  • PJ3500HDMax

    ProJet 3500 HD Max (2nd-User)

    Product ID: 3DS-PJ3500HDX+2U
    ProJet 3500 HD Max 3D Printer:-
    Build volume: 298 x 185 x 203mm
    Layer thickness: from 16 to 32 microns
    Materials: UV curable arcylic or ABS plastic
    Comes with 12 months warranty on machine
  • Z350

    Z350 (2nd-User)

    Product ID: Z350-2U

    ZPrinter 350 or Z350 is a powerful 3D ZPrinter. It is the most affordable way of printing and de-powdering quality, 3D models in a single system, in any office or classroom environment. It is fast, easy to use and allows users to output brilliant 3D models & prototypes, in high 450dpi resolution.

  • ProJet 2500 PLUS MultiJet Printer

    ProJet 2500 PLUS [2nd-User]

    Product ID: PJ2500-PLUS-2U

    ProJet MJP 2500 PLUS Layers: 32 μ
    Materials: choice of 9
    Black, White, Grey, Tan, Clear plastic material
    PLUS: Armor ABS-like, Proflex PP-like engineering materials
    PLUS: Black & Natural Elastomers
    Supports: Easy to remove support wax

  • Omni Factory 2.0 large format 3D Printer

    Omni3D Factory 2.0 [2nd-User] 3D Printer

    Product ID: OMNI-F2-2U

    The new Omni3D Factory 2.0 Production 3D printer boasts a massive 0.5 metre-cubed build volume is designed for single parts or small batch production. Using a triple heat controlled environment the part quality and accuracy is excellent and there is a choice of high performance materials inc. ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, PETG, Nylon, Carbon-filled Nylon & HIPS.

  • Figure-4 Standalone DLP 3D Printer

    Figure-4 Standalone [2nd-User]

    Product ID: FIG4-2U

    Figure 4™ delivers ultra-fast additive manufacturing - up to 15 times faster print speeds than other 3D printing technologies.

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