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CDG offer Cadmould Plastic Flow Analysis software


CDG have signed a partnership agreement in Simcon in Germany to be the UK distributor for the Cadmould plastic injection moulding flow analysis software.

SAVE TIME: The need for fewer adjustment loops effectively shortens and simplifies the development phase for parts and molds. For production, CADMOULD achieves a reduction of up to 30% in cycle times.

REDUCE COSTS: Cadmould enables you to find the best product design at an early stage of development already. This then cuts the cost of modifications to the mold and sampling by up to 50%.

The software in a best-in-class solution for mould design, analysis and simulation including:

- fill analysis

- cooling 

- multi part

- over moulding

- warping

- batch processing

- fibre fills

- insert calcs

- etc.

Cadmould logo

Instamsys Funmat Pro 610 is launched at Formnext


Intamsys demonstrated the new Funmat Pro 610 HT 3D printer to CDG at Formnext.


The Funmat Pro 610 3D printer offers:

- extra large 610 x 510 x 510mm build volume

- vacuum held parts

- anneling whilst printing

- dual print heads

- new PEEK support material

- 500 deg C extruder temp

- 300 deg C platform temp

- 300 deg C chamber temp

- heated compartment for filament

- ceramic build plate

- auto bed levelling

- open source filament

Funmat Pro HT 610 CDG UK

Please contact CDG for more information.

Eight new high performance materials for Figure-4 DLP


3D Systems have launched eight NEW high-performance materials for a host of high-end end-use applications. Many of these are for prototyping and production use. CDG have ALL materials in our offices for demonstrations and benchmarks.


FIGURE 4 - MED-AMB 10 and MED-WHT 10

MED-AMB 10 is a translucent amber bio-compatible material.

MED-WHT 10 is a rigid bio-compatible white material with a ceramic look and feel.

Fig4 Amber White


A strong material with long-term UV stability for the production of black ABS-like parts

  • Rapid design iteration
  • Strong functional parts
  • Automotive styling parts
  • Consumer electronics components
  • Legacy replacement parts
  • Form, fit and function testing
  • Durable assemblies and snap fits
  • Bezels, knobs, brackets, covers, cases
  • Master patterns for RTV/silicone molding
  • Short-run manufacturing of rigid part

Fig4 Tough Black


High-tear strength, malleable material for hard, rubber-like parts

  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Very tough material
  • Great for soft touch applications
  • Engineered for long term environmental stability

 Fig4 Black Rubber


Flexible, durable material

  • Flexible, high impact material for extremely durable black parts
  • Fatigue resistant plastic, with look and feel of production polypropylene
  • Accurate and tough material
  • Great for short run production parts
  • Engineered for long term environmental stability

 Fig4 Flex Black


True Production-Class Material

  • Versatile rigid heat resistant material combines speed, strength, excellent mechanical properties
  • High heat-resistant with good elongation and impact like cast urethane materials
  • High first-article success print rate
  • True-to-CAD accuracy with excellent surface quality
  • Fast: up to 60 mm/hrat 50 micron layer thickness
  • +70°CHDT, +12% elongation @ break
  • Engineered for long term environmental stability
  • Easy to clean & finish

Fig4 Pro Black


Industry-leading, ultra-high temperature rigid plastic suitable for the harshest thermal environments

  • Very rigid, thermally stable plastic with very high temperature resistance
  • OVER 300C deg C
  • For low and high pressure (0.455 and 1.82MPa)
  • No additional thermal post-cure required for HDT
  • Maintains fine features due to no thermal post cure

 Fig4 HT300 High Temp


A process-optimized material for production of sacrificial tooling for casting silicone and other materials

  • Speciality break-away plastic for silicone molding
  • Rigid plastic that withstands liquid silicone injection at high temperature and pressure
  • Intentional brittleness: designed to shatter easily from silicone once filled and cooled
  • Quickly generate economical high quality prototypes

 Fig4 EggShell

CDG wins Award as Best Multi-Disciplined 3DS Partner


3D Systems Partner Summit Barcelona 14-15th October 2019.

CDG were awarded a certificate and prize by 3D Systems as "Best Execution of Multi-Disciplined Sales Approach" for the whole of Europe and EMEA.

Well done to the team at CDG for their expertise in selling and supporting advanced 3D technology products inc. 3D Printers, 3D Scanners & 3D Software including: ProJet, Figure-4, FabPro, Geomagic & Cimatron.

CDG best 3DS reseller 2019

CDG New Telephone Numbers


CDG have updated our phone system to the latest SIP technology and changed our telephone number from 5 to 6 digits.

The new phone numbers are now "live" and, in addition, the old number will still be active and will transfer calls to the new number.

We have also given each CDG Team or Department a new DDI number.

Switchboard 01420 556755
for general calls


Sales 01420 556740
for product sales


Marketing 01420 556742
for marketing activities


Finance 01420 556744
for accounts


Orders 01420 556746
for consumables & shipping


Replik8 01420 556748
for 3D Printing & 3D Scanning services & benchmarks


Support 01420 556750
for all hardware & software 


Evatronix 3D Scanners signs CDG


Evatronix has signed CDG to offer UK sales, support & training for their range of High Definition 3D Scanners including:-

  • OPTIMA single field of view 5 megapixel scanner
  • QUADRO dual field of view 5 megapixel scanner
  • EVIXMATIC hands free automated 3D scanner

Contact Grant Cameron at CDG for more info.

Evatronix Quadro

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