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New rubber materials for ProJet 5500X


3DS has announced they have strengthened their new ProJet 5500X with two new materials. Allowing for quality and printing of fine details, the ProJet 5500X features speed, volume, and ease for creating parts with plastic and rubber properties. Now, users of the ProJet 5500X can look forward to two new VisiJet elastomeric materials:-

Black (VisiJet® CE-BK)Natural-translucent (VisiJet® CE-NT) with an emphasis on ‘flexible versus rigid,’ the new materials present users with extreme flexibility and durability, putting an end to breakage and tearing. Featuring elongation to break of up to 700%, the material can be harshly manipulated through stretching, contorting, and many different configurations under which it is guaranteed to withstand pressure without failing. With the amount of effort and complexity that go into many large scale 3D designs and prints, preventing breakage and failure is a priority, and often a challenge.

Stretchy 5500X Engineers and designers should be impressed with the performance when printing items such as pipes and gaskets, focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and quality. With the overall quality of the printer itself and the addition of the super strong new materials, users are afforded more options combined with the ability to make stronger, quality parts. Productivity is improved, as is the bottom line, with build speeds that are twice as fast with precise, detailed production.

The new materials are a combination of elastomeric materials with 3DS ABS-like plastics (CR-WT or CR-CL) that produce a variety of materials—due to different colors and levels of strength—for the most challenging 3D printing projects.

The ProJet 5500X is for:-

  • Overmolded parts
  • Multi-material assemblies
  • Rubber-like components
  • Long-lasting living hinges
  • High-temperature testing



ProJet 5500X elastic rubber material

CDG service bureau offers Quickparts


To offer our customers the greatest selection of 3D Printed parts and materials in the UK, CDG Quickparts can provide SLA, SLS and DIRECT METAL 3D printing capability PLUS ProJet 4500 CJP, ProJet 3500 MJP, ProJet 1200 SLA, ProJet 860 CJP, ZPrinter Z510, Z310, CubePro and more. We also offer WAX patterns for investment casting.


Please contract Graham Walker on 01420 88645.



CDG UK 3DS Quickparts

Top 10 Deliverables from CDG & 3DS


CDG as UK partners for 3D Systems are focused these Top 10 deliverables:-


1. Best part quality.

2. Best part accuracy & resolution.

3. High performance materials.

4. Choice of over 100 materials.

5. Largest range of 3D printers.

6. Solutions for all budgets.

7. Mono, single and full colour printing.

8. Concept modelling, functional protoytpes, tooling, production parts.

9. First class technical expertise.

10. Advanced Certified status for all sales and support.

3D Systems Professional 3D Printers

3D Printed Injection Mould Tools


"The future is now" is one of 3D Systems slogans. But it really is true. Time to start 3D Printing your mould tools for injection moulding. Time to find out more! Please call Grant or Graham at CDG on 01420 88645.


3D Printed Injection Mould Tool

2nd-User 3D Printer Sale


CDG are offering a range of Ex-demo and 2nd-User 3D Printers for sale. Each printer is sold as a one-off on a first-come first-served basis. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

The list of 3D Printers "for sale" includes:-


  • Manufacturers list price £1,995
  • Ex-demo price £1,295
  • Build dims 275x265x240mm
  • PJP plastic filament technology
  • Material ABS or PLA

ZPrinter Z310

  • Manufacturers list price £14,895
  • 2nd-User price £4,950
  • Build dims 203x254x203mm
  • HP10 based ZCorp technology
  • Material ZP151 plaster

ZPrinter Z450

  • Manufacturers list price £28,380
  • 2nd-User price £10,950
  • Build dims 203x254x203mm
  • HP11 based ZCorp technology
  • Material ZP151 plaster

ZPrinter Z510

  • Manufacturers list price £34,865
  • 2nd-User price £12,500
  • Build dims 381x254x203mm
  • CJP ColourJet Printing technology
  • Material ZP151 plaster

ProJet 3500 HD Max

  • Manufacturers list price £68,200
  • Ex-demo price POA
  • Build dims 298x185x203mm
  • MultiJet Printing technology
  • Material acrylic plastic


All prices quoted exclude VAT. Terms are payment in full prior to collection. All equipment is offered, subject to availablity. CDG reserve the right to amended or withdraw any offers stated. Training, installation, materials and support are all available, if required, POA. Net prices are for printer only, unless otherwise specified, and include 3 months return to base UK warranty.

To reserve your 3D Printer, please call Grant on 01420 88645 or email

2nd User 3D Printer Sale

SmartScan Super-High Resolution Scanner


The smartSCAN with two powerful 8 Megapixel GigE cameras rounds up the product range and offers an unprecedented resolution and precision.

The smartSCAN R8 is available with field of views ranging from 65 x 50 mm (measuring depth 40 mm) up to 1,065 x 870 mm (measuring depth 660 mm); it provides an even higher data quality and resolution than the already available smartSCAN systems. The system control with the high-performance software OPTOCAT ensures easy handling and flexibility.

The new scanner configuration is particularly well suited for applications which are more demanding in terms of resolution requirements, e.g. in the fields of quality inspection or reverse engineering. Overall, the smartSCAN system series delivers a very high level of feature accuracy for any type of 3D scanning project. Even under temperature fluctuations, the system operates stably and reliably. All measurement systems are characterized by a fast data acquisition, even complex surfaces of fragile or deformable component parts are captured at a high level of precision in a matter.


smartscan r8

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