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CDG make Business Life 2013 magazine cover


CDG were selected by British Airways Business Life magazine, for their 2013 cover picture and article.

New ABS material for ProJet 3500


In addition to the high performance acrylic materials, you can now run a new high resolution ABS material on the ProJet 3500 range of 3D Printers. The new VisiJet X is the first jetted plastic with the look, feel and performance of injection molded ABS plastic ideal for prototyping, product mock-ups and end-use applications requiring extreme toughness and high temperature resistance. VisiJet X plastic provides new levels of durability and functionality previously unattainable with a jetted plastic. Our new VisiJet X material is a revolutionary breakthrough in jetted plastics, said Buddy Byrum, Vice President of Product Channel Management for 3D Systems. VisiJet X parts have the toughness and durability of ABS for both prototyping and end use applications, and a heat deflection temperature of 88 deg C right out of the printer with no additional tempering needed.  Best of all, VisiJet X parts look great with a stunning white finish that really looks like it came from an injection mold.

3DSystems announce new ProJet 5000


New higher resolution


print head Up to 750 x 750 x 890 DPI

Highest X/Y print resolution in 3D jet-printing

Super sharp features Micro-fine details

More jets, increased throughput

New High Speed build mode

Up to 2X faster build speed

Great for fast mockups & prototypes 64 µ (0.0025 in.)

Z-layer Redesigned

high-duty material delivery modules (MDMs)

New high-reliability pressure system for supplying materials to print head

Reformulated materials for reliable performance

Enhanced thermal stability improves printing performance

Enhanced material filtering and quality testing to ensure consistent performance

Extensive enhancements to printer control software provides consistent, reliable performance

Largest 3D Printer Build Size in its class

Highest print resolution in its class

Three build modes (HD/UHD/HS)

Huge build-size: 21.65 x 15.5 x 11.8 in. (550 x 393 x 300 mm)

High accuracy & precision

Tough VisiJet® MX plastic w/ 20% elongation (flex)

Easy melt-away wax VisiJet® S300 supports

Exclusive 5-year Print-Head warranty

Remote email notification convenience Most Affordable (cost/build-size)

AICON acquires majority share in Breuckmann GmbH


Monday 3rd September 2012: Today, it is confirmed that Aicon have taken over a majority shareholding in Breuckmann GmbH. This integration of two leading players in the field of 3D Scanning, 3D Measurement and 3D Inspection offers many synergies. AICON is market leader in the field of photogrammetry and Breuckmann is a world leading manufacturer of high-value optical systems for three-dimensional non-contact measurement, digitization and inspection. AICON and Breuckmann have worked in very close collaboration since 1995. The merging of the two companies upholds the successful companies’ development and offers a clear competitive advantage. Breuckmann’s product range ideally complements the AICON portfolio, so AICON now operates in the market as a full-range supplier of 3D metrology systems. Concurrent Design Group (CDG) represents both Breuckmann and Aicon products in the UK. For further information please contact:- Grant Cameron, CDG, Concurrent Design Group, Tel. 01420 88645,

Three Scanners to Choose From at CDG


CDG are pleased to announce further investment in the Breuckmann 3D Scanning equipment. We can now offer our customers a choice of StereoSCAN, SmartSCAN or OptoTOP solutions - for equipment demonstration or for on & off-site bureau service work. This enables us to offer the best solution for each application, to increase productivity and reduce project timeframes.


Please contact us for further information.

3D Printing Seminar & Open Days 16 & 17 Oct 2012


You are invited to the CDG 3D Printing Seminar & Open Day, to find out about the very latest in 3D Printing & Scanning technology, at CDG offices in Alton, Hants on October 16th or 17th, from 10am to 3pm.

LIVE demonstrations of ProJet 3500, ProJet 1500, ZPrinter 650, 3D Touch and more...

PLUS Presentations of ProJet 5000, 6000, 7000 and ZPrinter 850

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MEET the manufacturer 3D Systems; and

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