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Figure-4 Modular 10,000 parts per month


3D Systems has announced the general availability of its "Figure 4 Modular" scalable 3D printing solution, as well as the release of five new materials. Revealed at Rapid+TCT, the Figure 4 Modular will be made available in June 2019, with an entry cost of $49,900 (including controller and single printer engine), whereas the materials will be rolled out over the next few months by the company, with the aim of extending its production workflows.

The Figure 4 Platform

3D Systems’ Figure 4 Modular is a scalable and semi-automated digital light printing (DLP) 3D printing solution that can be tailored to the customers needs. The system can range from a single print engine machine, to a fully automated system, reportedly capable of producing up to 10,000 parts per month. The scale of the Figure 4 can expand up to 24 or more print engines with integration of centralized post-processing, automated materials-handling, job management and queuing. Each engine is capable of processing a different material and printing job simultaneously using 3D Systems’ 3D Sprint software, as part of a single production line.

The Figure 4 Modular forms the core of 3D Systems’ Figure 4 platform, consisting of two other products: the Figure 4 Standalone, a single engine solution, and the Figure 4 Production, a tool-less manufacturing solution that provides automated material delivery and integrated post-processing.

Figure 4 Modular package

The setup of the 3D Systems Figure 4 Modular. Image via 3D Systems.

Expanding the Figure 4 material portfolio

Furthermore, the company has announced the immediate availability of a new material in its Figure 4 line – the Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10. The new material has flexible and durable properties, designed to be used in functional assemblies and prototypes, master patterns for RTV/silicone molding, short-run production, and concept and marketing models.

Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10 is the first of five new Figure materials from 3D Systems designed for DLP and SLS 3D printing, released with the aim of expanding the company’s plastic 3D printing solution portfolio. The other four will be released throughout 2019, and consists of the Figure 4 TOUGH-BLK 20 for production applications, the Figure 4 MED-AMB 10 and Figure 4 MED-WHT 10 for the medical industry and the Figure 4 HI-TEMP-AMB 250, designed for use cases requiring high thermal resistance.

“The newest additions to our plastic 3D printing portfolio demonstrate our commitment to driving the adoption of digital manufacturing,” said Vyomesh Joshi, president and CEO, 3D Systems.


A part produced with the Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10. Image via 3D Systems.
A part produced with the Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10. Image via 3D Systems.

Accelerating time to market with Figure 4 Modular

3D Systems has demonstrated the capabilities of the Figure 4 Modular by providing examples of three different companies that have employed the 3D printer: Decathalon, a global sporting goods manufacturer based in France, has used the Figure 4 Modular to reportedly create parts 19x faster than existing SLA solutions. Julien Guillen, AM leader at Decathalon, explains “using an existing desktop SLA solution, it would take 29 hours to produce our tensile test for material validation. With the Figure 4 Modular using the Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 10 material, we were able to print the same quantity in 90 minutes”.

Wisconsin-based service bureau Midwest Prototyping on the other hand has been able to offer same-day delivery of parts with different materials, and D&K Engineering, a product design and contract manufacturer based in San Diego, CA, has achieved a shorter time-to-market employing the Figure 4 Modular.  

“The quality of the final parts we are able to produce using the Figure 4 Modular is excellent,” said Chris Nicoll, prototype lab manager, DK Engineering. “Many of our engineers have commented ‘this looks as good as a molded part’ due to the excellent model conformity, surface finish, and physical properties.”  


CDG at Develop3D Live Weds 17th April


Weds 17th April at Sheffield University; CDG at Develop3D LIVE Stand #65

 Develop3D Live 2019 CDG Stand #65

CDG will be demonstrating:-

Figure-4 DLP 3D printer

FabPro 1000 DLP 3D printer

Fusion F410 FFF 3D printer

Geomagic Freeform software with haptic arm

Einscan-Pro 2X Plus 3D scanner


Parts on display from:-

Omni Factory 2.0 FFF 3D printer

Intamsys Funmat HT FFF 3D printer

ProJet 2500 Plus MJP 3D printer

Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer

ProX DMP metal 3D printer

Omni3D granted patents for Factory 2.0


Omni3D, the Polish 3D printer and filament manufacturer, has taken steps towards more eco-friendly 3D printing. Founded in 2013, Omni3D's printer is known for the Factory 2.0, a 500 mm (XYZ) sized industrial FDM/FFF 3D printer. Omni3D has been granted patents for two of its Factory 2.0 components. According to the company, the patented parts reduce energy consumption.

Omni3D's Factory 2.0 3D printer. Image via Omni3D.
Omni3D’s Factory 2.0 3D printer. Image via Omni3D.

Eco-friendly 3D printing

Paweł Robak, CEO of Omni3D, said, “Energy saving in the field of 3D printing is not only an intention that remains unaccomplished. We have developed and implemented effective solutions for which our clients value the Factory 2.0 printer so much. It is one of the few energy-saving patents in the area of 3D printing.”

Recently, the company also entered a collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology to reduce carbon emuissions.

Parts printed with the Factory 2.0 3D printer. Image via Omni3D.
Parts printed with the Factory 2.0 3D printer. Image via Omni3D.

Reducing energy consumption

Omni3D has applied for a patent for the 3D printing head used in its Factory 2.0 printer.

By using a fluid cooling system, the temperature of the extruder is kept constant which also helps in extruding the material at a consistent temperature. Furthermore, according to Omni3D liquid cooling also lightens the weight of the extruder, which makes it work at a faster pace and consume less energy.

In addition to this, the second invention is a print head assembly with at least two print heads, both of which work independently but on the same principle as defined above.  The 3D printer employs a single heating element to maintain the build plate temperature and the temperature of the chamber.

Furthermore, the Factory 2.0 has a bed that moves on the z-axis while printing. At the beginning of the print, the build area is small and only this small space needs to be heated. But as the print gets larger, more and more space inside the chamber must be heated. Usually, in such 3D printers, the whole chamber is heated. But this consumes a lot of energy.

With the help of its print heads, Omni3D has devised a way to localize and concentrate heat only within the build area. Hence, there is no need to heat the entire chamber, only the build area. This is achieved by a combination of hardware and software. Omni3D has been granted a patent for its single and dual print head assembly.

Featured image shows parts printed with the Factory 2.0 3D printer. Image via Omni3D.

XL Production with Funmat Pro 610 HT 3D printer


Intamsys has launched a new Extra Large format 3D printer for production of part in high performance polymers including PEEK, PEKK, PEI  andf PPSU.

The print boast a XL 610 x 510 x 510mm build volume. The printheads can be programmed up to 500 degrees C for the most demanding polymer and the chamber is managed at up to 300 degree C. In order to achieve high accuracy and repeatability, especially for large parts, the build bed hold the print flat using a vacuum system. This printer is for serious production of plastics inc. PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPSU, PC, PA, PA+CF, ABS, ASA, PETG, HIPS, TPU, PLA, PVA etc.

Order you system now from CDG, the UK agents for Intamsys.

Instamsys Funmat HT 3x Models

CDG at Southern Manufacturing 5-7 Feb


Come at visit CDG this week at the Southern Manufacturing Show from 5th to 7th Feb 2019 at Farnborough, GU14 6XL.

The very latest 3D technology is on display:-

  • Figure-4
  • FabPro
  • Omni
  • Sinterit
  • Zmorph
  • EinScan 2X

CDG 3D Printers at Southern Manufacturing 2019

Sinterit Lisa PRO is up-and-running in our HQ


We’re excited to welcome the latest edition to our ever-growing collection of 3D printers. This month, we received our Sinterit Lisa PRO, one of the most powerful and versatile SLS 3D printers on the market.

Before the invention of the Sinterit Lisa, SLS 3D printing had been restricted to only the largest companies and factories. The Sinterit Lisa brought SLS 3D printing into the realm of desktop 3D printers.

The Sinterit Lisa PRO brings several major improvements on the previous version. Not only is the build volume bigger, but the included nitrogen chamber allows users to experiment with a much broader range of materials than before.

So, while the Sinterit Lisa allowed for printing with PA12 nylon, the Sinterit Lisa PRO opens up opportunities to use PA11 nylon as well.

It also has 'open parameters', meaning users can load SLS powders from any manufacturer and set your own parameters.

Material Showcase: Sinterit PA11 Onyx

One of the most powerful materials that the Sinterit Lisa PRO can use it PA11 Onyx. This polyamide powder boasts superior thermal resistance, and it stable to light, UV, and weather - making it a fantastic choice for a wide variety of applications.

Core Features:

  • High resistance against impacts
  • Moderate elasticity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Dedicated only for LISA Pro
  • Material type: Nylon 11
  • Tensile Strength: 54 [MPa]
  • Elongation at Break: 40%
  • Melting point: 201°C

Where can I buy a Sinterit Lisa Pro, PA11 Onyx, and other compatible materials?

We are an official Sinterit re-seller in the UK, so you can buy the Sinterit Lisa, the Sinterit Lisa PRO, PA11 Onyx, as well as other compatible materials directly from our online store or from our sister site,

Book a demonstration

Want to see the printer in action? Why not book a visit to our HQ in Alton, Hampshire and we’ll give you a demonstration. Get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.

Get your parts printed on the Sinterit Lisa Pro

Need a part printing service, and got your eye on SLS? We’d be happy to print your parts via our bureau service. Our experienced team of engineers is also on-hand to help with any design optimisations or alterations to your CAD/CAM file. To find out more, make an enquiry at

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