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Eotech launch VisioSphere & Aeva Life Science scanners


Eotech, in partnership with Breuckmann, have launched the new VisioSphere & Aeva 3D scanning solutions. These systems are unique in the marketplace, enabling very high resolution scanning of the human face in full colour. The products are targeted at Cosmetics and Dermatology companies, laboratories, clinics and institutions.

CDG Image Gallery


CDG have added a new image gallery to our website in order to show you samples of our work. To view the gallery, select the Image Gallery menu - located in the top right of the top menu.

CDG at CAA Conference


March 27-28th CDG and Breuckmann exhibited the SmartScan system at the CAA Conference, Southampton University. The demonstrations included Archeology and Cultural Heritage applications.

Breuckmann's D-Station coming to UK


Breuckmann's new D-Station automated 3D Scanner is coming to the UK at the end of September. Please let us know if you would like to see the product - before it is returned to the manufacturers head-office in Germany.

New CDG Website is Launched


3pm on Friday 9th September, CDG's new website was launched with a new comprehensive product database, high tech online shop, unit convertor, options for support and more.

Breuckmann ISO 9001 certified


If you want assurances that you scanner is capable of truely accurate inspection IS0 9001 is the standard to ask for. Breuckmann are pioneers of 3D scanning and one of the few manufacturers to conform to international measurement standards.

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